Concept Design

Any project, regardless of scope or scale, begins with an idea that forms a single vision. Our designers develop that vision into a story with concise creative intent. Story becomes the backbone that supports the project through every subsequent phase, from concept to opening day.

Show Writing

Every attraction or experience begins with a blank page and an idea. Our show writers take creative intent and turn it into the words that become the foundation for the project – what it looks like, where it lives, and what message it delivers. Progressing through each phase of a project, show writing evolves from concept treatments to word-for-word final scripting.

Master Planning

Thoughtful, careful planning is necessary to make any project a reality. Master planning defines the physical layout of any development, from theme parks and attractions to outlet malls, urban public spaces, restaurants, museum exhibits and retail locations. Using years of experience and expertise with feasibility studies, our designers consider real-world conditions to ensure that every plan is bulletproof.

Creative Direction

Once an idea has taken root, it needs a champion. Our creative directors oversee the artistic and technical elements that come together to tell a story, ensuring that our teams are working in concert toward delivering the best guest experience possible.

Interior Design

The art of interior design is figuring out what a project looks and feels like from the inside. From ergonomics and layout to materials, textures and colors, our team of interior designers develop the experience and vision of each project with great care.

Technical Direction

Working hand-in-hand with our creative designers, the technical team provides the practical knowledge required to execute any project. Technical directors consult on ride systems, show control, special effects, and lighting and audio placement, making sure that the final product lives up to the creative concept.

Sound Design

The soundscape of any project plays a critical role in the guest experience. Much like feature films, experiences need background music, sound effects, dialogue, or even a theme song. We find each story’s “voice” by way of immersive sound design, connecting guests emotionally and physically to the experience through seamless audio integration.

Project Management

Our experienced team of talented production professionals have the years of in-field experience necessary to bring projects to fruition. At every step, they work hand-in-hand with the design team to balance the needs of budget and schedule with the needs of the creative concept. 

Art Direction & Production

Once the creative and development stages are over, a project is ready to be built. To ensure that everything turns out exactly as planned, our team of in-field art directors and producers are on the ground, keeping a watchful eye. These individuals supervise construction crews down to the finest details, shepherding each project from concept to reality.