Rethink Team Spotlight: Kevin Kalbfeld

Show Designer

Kevin joined Rethink in 2013 as a Show Designer. Here, he works closely with the creative team to ensure that the final vision of our design holds true to the conceptual intent through detailed modeling and drafting, which is carried out from “blue sky” development, to final installation.


Before coming to Rethink, Kevin worked for groups including NBCUniversal, Leslie Iwerks Productions, and 20th Century Fox Studios Dubai. His skillset includes show design with an emphasis on 3-D modeling. He graduated summa cum laude from the Savannah College of Art and Design, and is an active member of the Themed Entertainment Association’s NextGen committee, participating in industry events and planning.

“To be honest, when I was young I was terrified of roller coasters, audio animatronics, and costumed characters. That fear became obsession, and through my macabre fascination, I began to love the level of tangibility inherent to the worlds created in theme parks; something that cannot be achieved in any other entertainment medium. This unique group of artist and creators are, as Joe Rhode (Walt Disney Imagineering) once told me, the ‘rock stars’ of their respective fields. There’s definitely something to be said that no other brick-and-mortar creative industry has raving fans as much as theme parks do. It truly is an amazing and exciting artistic community, and with programs like the TEA NextGen, we are constantly creating new ways of connecting with youthful talent. I’ve had some amazing mentors to learn from, and I feel that if I can impart some of my knowledge, I will be paying it forward and doing the same as those who most influenced me. And it doesn’t hurt to talk to the NextGen. You never know which one will be hiring you in ten years!”

While at Leslie Iwerks Productions, Kevin was a Production Assistant on the highly-anticipated documentary The Imagineering Story, a rare glimpse behind the scenes of Walt Disney Imagineering, the creative arm of the Disney Company responsible for the production of its theme parks and resorts worldwide.

“While at community college, gaining credits to apply to the Savannah College of Art and Design, I found the unique opportunity to work with the wonderful Leslie Iwerks on her project, The Imagineering Story. Through interviews and meetings, I listened closely to Imagineers who were creating some of the greatest themed entertainment designs in the industry. These folks, both past and present Disney employees, talked like I did; with the same passion and vigor for great design that I had fostered. I knew then that I had to become a part of this incredible industry.”


Here at Rethink, Kevin is a vital part of the operation, interfacing daily with our teams on projects in various stages of production. Recently, Lotte Undersea Kingdom opened in South Korea to rave reviews; a project that Rethink had major creative input on, which included Kevin’s touch as a talented Show Designer.

When not designing theme parks and attractions, Kevin enjoys playing and writing music; he’s proficient with the piano, drums, guitar, banjo, ukulele, and he even sings! An avid runner, Kevin often participates in marathons here in Southern California.