Rick West
Project Story Writer

As a Show Writer, Rick West brings a wealth of historical and operational knowledge to Rethink Leisure & Entertainment. For more than 20 years, he has written about, and worked within the themed entertainment industry. Rick has worked on projects both domestic and international for companies including Thinkwell, The Producers Group, BRC Imagination Arts, Wyatt Design Group, Apogee Attractions, and The Hettema Group.

Prior to show writing, Rick was extensively involved in the operational aspect of the industry working for organizations including The Walt Disney Company, Knott’s Berry Farm, Aquarium of the Bay (Pier 39 San Francisco), and MGM Resorts International in Las Vegas.

Rick is an authority on haunted attractions, especially those located in Southern California. He spends a great deal of time each year visiting, writing about, and consulting with creative teams on their haunts as both an industry professional and a long-time enthusiast.

Rick’s projects include:

·      Thinkwell – Jurassic Dream, China
·      Thinkwell – Lotte World, South Korea
·    Thinkwell – Benno’s Great Race, Ferrari World Abu Dhabi
·      Thinkwell – Ferrari World Abu Dhabi, UAE
·      BRC Imagination Arts – Nau Center for Texas Heritage, Houston
·      BRC Imagination Arts – Undisclosed Haunted Attraction
·      Wyatt Design Group – Adventure Island Theme Park, Qatar
·      Rethink Leisure & Entertainment – 20th Century Fox World, Dubai
·      Rethink Leisure & Entertainment – Undisclosed Nighttime Spectacula

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